Sunday School @ 9:30 am 
Sunday Worship Service @ 11:00 am

Sunday School

Here at Glen Burnie Baptist Church, we place a great priority on Bible Study. Studying the Bible  is not an activity just for children and students, we believe that adults need to continue to study God's Word to grow and mature in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ as well. 

Our Sunday morning Bible Study is at 9:30 am every Sunday. The classes for children and students are grouped primarily by age and school grade.  Meanwhile, our adult classes are divided primarily into two different departments:

Adult 2: Co-ed, men's and ladies classes for adults in their 20's through their 60's
Adult 3: Co-ed, men's and ladies' classes for adults in their 50's and beyond

 You can find a complete list of classes and locations below. 

Sunday School Class Locations
Location Map 

Children Classes   
Class Room
Babies - 1 Year Olds                                                                            Room 301
2 & 3 Year Olds Room 304
4 & 5 Year Olds Room 303
1st - 3rd Grades Room 305
4th - 5th Grades Room 310
Student Classes
Class Room
6th - 8th Grades Green Room 
9th - 12th Grades Green Room
Adult Classes
Class Room
Adult 2: Co-Ed - Advanced Bible Study  Room 312
Adult 2: Men - 30-45 years  Room 314
Adult 2: Co-ed - Basic Bible Study Class  Room 309
Adult 3: Co-ed 45-65 years  Prayer Chapel
Adult 3: Ladies 1 - 45-65 years Confer. Room
Adult 3: Ladies 2 - 45-65 years  Room 202